Making a movie can change a life. By the transformative power of art, and through a fellowship that provides housing, education, on-set training, and support, we are fostering creativity and giving the formerly incarcerated access to every aspect of the film industry. We aim to honor the voices and stories of those impacted by the social justice system and change the way they are perceived by the world.


world financial group insurance agency, llc

Since our founding in 2001, every decision has been guided by our mission to help individuals create the life they want to live, while protecting their loved ones and planning their financial legacy. Offering access to a diverse portfolio of insurance, retirement, savings, and wealth-building strategies, our licensed agents across North America help guide individuals from where they are to where they want to be.


soul city network tv

Is the newest Black-Owned nationally distributed cable TV network, Soul City launched on June 23, 2016, to over 40 million homes, Soul City became the interested of major ad agencies. The slick approach and dynamic programs were intriguing to them.

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Howard's M.B.S. Inc

Company's community over-stands the importance of a quality education for our children. That education must include but not be limited to social skills, high academia, and early exposure to matters associated with economics. In the United States we have all but failed our children with antiquated policies, curriculum, and methods that just don't expand all students to be encouraged thinkers. We need to take a new look behind the psychology of our education system today. And we do exactly that by providing a community full of qualified professionals with similar ideologies. We are here to teach and support our peers through our amazing consulting services, with the hopes that the experiences from our platform will bring conversation and engagement within our homes decimating vital information to children from an early age. This movement is a must to bridge equality, equity and diversity on a consistent basis. We are sure to stay behind highly advanced countries if we don't create the village today that our young adults will inherit tomorrow. The time is NOW! Join our movement.

Black Wall Street of America, Inc.

As United Black Wall Streets of America, Inc., our goal is to “Add Value” to the work, endeavors, energy, and desires of each affiliate and offer mutual support via a variety of means and methods so that each is capable of building, sustaining, and improving their business, professional service, or commercial trade.

African American Women In Cinema

African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC) organization has served as a  continuous support for the vibrant work of women filmmakers for the past  nineteen years. AAWIC has provide a platform to showcase aligning  experienced and novice filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters and/or  actors. Our mission is to expand, explore and create business opportunities for  minority women filmmakers throughout the entertainment industry. It is the  goal of AAWIC to give artistic women a path to fulfilling their dreams through  showcasing their talents, exposure to peers’ interaction, and mentoring by  established professionals.